Jun. 18th, 2016 02:44 pm
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Indeed, this is our life

So writing a long, not so quite thesis, for a seminar of investigations in communications is pretty much cool. You learn lots of stuff in the area you want to explore but, the deal comes when describing your final results. Staring at the computer double checking if everything you write makes sense is just nerve wracking. Scrolling up and down making sure you use the same exact terms you previously mentioned and writing in the same appendix about the analysis and discusion of the results just makes you want to kill yourself.

Yes, I admit it was pretty fun, breaking and leaving my little bubble to actually talk to people about the subject i'm writing about (in this case VOCALOID), and struggling with surveying 50 ppl, but overall it finally made me understand what i find so fascinating about this sub-culture many of us love. My main focus is Miku, since she's the most popular and obviously who started this collaborative works boom over at niconico almost ten years ago, but I would have loved to include all the other voice synthesizers, like IA, Gumi, vFlower, etc.

Making these works involves love, dedication, communicative strategies, everything. From the most basic principle of knowing what you want, who you want it to listen, who can and is willing to help you, and so on. It's not just pointing your finger to the computer screen waiting for people to come to you and work with you, but it's a job that requires the know-how in establishing social links.

I admire all these Producers for, very much apart from making works of art, being able to talk to others. To open up and search for people that share their same interests to make a collaborative work that shows dedication, teamwork, and millions of things. The way how Hatsune Miku, with her appearance in 2007, made all of this possible. Ofc, KAITO and MEIKO, and many others, already existed but, they weren't as much as popular as Miku was when she got released. In fact, Miku was who gave them a hand in making their voices shine again.

So please, don't underestimate the producers and everyone involved's works. Yes, you might hate the vocaloid they used or the art, but please understand that all of this work as a whole involved a process that may have led to communicational misunderstanding, broken friendships, data loss and more due to the social networks used. Communications is a essencial part for this to work and, if you are also part of it by sharing your positive and constructive words.

My biggest congratulations and thanks for these wonderful ppl who make such lovely collaborative works.

Now I'll keep touching my PC's screen while reading this 50 pages word document all over again.


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